Healthcare and Housing

Delivering Core Structures & Services

to Reduce Risk and Increase Resilience


Large-Scale Shelter Infrastructure

EcoVida provides residential and apartments complexes that cost-effectively shelter in-need populations.

Innovative Community Care Centers

We deliver local medical, training and food services out of a multi-use and professional managed community center that serves as the hub that supports regional and local delivery.

Jobs Education and Agriculture

Through targeted Jobs training for food production, trades skills and software programming, Ecovida creates a route to more dynamic quality of life.

Best Practices Collaboration

Whether in financial technology, economics or healthcare development, we are counciled by innovative, advanced thinkers who drive the global development agenda.


Preventative Well-Care

EcoVida's health system is founded on a preventative care model that integates nutrition counseling, exercise/activity programs, health condition monitoring, analytics alerting and other remote technologies including machine learning to leverage the expertise and efficiemcy of practitioners to manage outcomes with the patient's participation. Our system provides the patient with consistent feedback creating an intimate and ongoing relationship with their healthcare experience. 


Affordable Advantage

Our Housing developments deliver quality shelter but go beyond to create a new context for community to thrive by taking advantage of services tailored to resident's needs. Ecovida has created a non-profit construction and mortgage model that reduces cost for home and apartment owners by utilizing advanced supply chain building methods. We go further by offering financial services that minimize long-term ownership costs and enhance community resilience through group insurance.

A Vision within Reach

Creating a Permanent Solution to help the under-resourced through an integrated program of Community Care fusing Health, House, Education/Training and Food Security through Technological Empowerment. 

EcoVida believes that humanity is at a tipping point, where new, advanced small-scale systems can significantly relieve the challenges which under-resourced populations are experiencing globally.

EcoVida’s objective is to raise the quality of life for our communities by bringing advanced technologies to them that result in new opportunities for economic, social and personal development. We call our process of implementation and measured outcomes The EcoVida Ideal; a unique blend of innovative, frugal and capacity building approaches and initiatives (see diagram on right).


EcoVida’s Ideal vision is to empower every individual and family in our selected communities by providing them with the personal advantages which clean water, sufficient energy, nutritious food and good health can impart. We deliver our services through education targeted at attaining new levels of productivity, self-sufficiency and personal agency.

To handle our housing, health, education and agricultural programs in place, we need your help to change the lives of the most disadvantaged.


Creating quality of life 

Let's do this together

For us, populations are under-resources and dis-advantaged. They can be lifted up by providing basic, actionable knowledge and resources to improve quality; there are always cost-effective solutions to the challenge of creating a meaningful and purpose for every person and community.


Modern telecommunications open the potential to bring education at all levels to disadvantaged communities. Our program creates an interactive learning experience for basic skills allowing students to progress according to their interest, capability and motivation. Vocational training will be offered to meet specific targeted job opportunities and learning needs that support community productivity and social improvement


ECOVIDA believes that every community and every individual should support the available health care services by maximizing whatever can be done to keep the individual healthy through prevention, sanitation, cleanliness, good nutrition and a healthy life style. In disadvantaged communities, much of the work of health services can be taken over by trained community health visitors, members of the same community who assist with simple medical teaching tasks.


The World Bank recommendation is a cap on 30% of the main bread-winner basic income as the amount to be spent on housing. ECOVIDA provides each community with the training it needs to maintain its homes and condominiums as well as post-occupancy support in the form of a risk management system, all with the aim of keeping the home-owner safely and securely in his property.


Simple technologies that offer access to clean water, capturing rain water or recycling grey water, can make an immediate difference to the lives of subsistence farmers. ECOVIDA provides communities with proven and inexpensive technologies that increase agriculture output, encourage the better storage of food supplies, which avoid wastage and spoilage and allow the small producer to market his products at market rates.


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